Thursday, May 27, 2010


hey guys, i'm back !!=> after 7 weeks of isolation behind seseri walls...i'm practically jumping in the car the minute the I leave the school compound.Sadly, how good PB (pulang bermalam)sounds...I have tons of good and unfortunately unpleasant stuff to do.
  1. 10 hour straight of internet surfing..(seriously,i need this...)
  2. buy new books,I am a self-proclaimed bookworm.
  3. try catching up with my friends.
  4. TV(simple as that)
  5. a pair of 400++ words english and BM essays...uuugggghhhh!!!
  6. a poster(i'm not artistic!!)
  7. and a scrapbook about 'tahap penggunaan bil air dan elektrik di kawasan anda' if you think about it,logically,how should we know? this year, most of our life are in seseri...TENSION!!

maybe this supposed PB is short but, it's a gift and i'm never gonna let some piece of paper with flowery letters on it ruin my holiday..NO, NEVER!! i'm living my life...

p/s: to my friends of SMKLK I MISS YOU GUYS!! <3