Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know it`s late but, who the heck cares? just wanna get it out of my goes nothing..(exhale)..HAPPY 2011!! the reason I`m late wishing everyone a merry new year maybe due to denial issue I`m facing(not that I already overcome it,it`s gradually diminishing bit by bit) because 2011=SPM, yes people, I`m in my senior year..last year, was awful between homesick and fitting in and two-faced bellatrixians,I`m on the brink of losing my sanity! luckily, I, anis yasmin,pull through..emerge black and bruised, but survived nonetheless..SPM...the mere mention of it cause my stomach to do complicated backflips..people are putting really high hopes on me, silly little me! well, I`m sure I`m not alone..but it feels like it!SESERI 2010 is WAYYY different than SESERI 2011..after a whole day of classes, we have afternoon classes whether for physics, biology,chemistry or additional mathemathics, then we have sports some programme named 1 murid 1 sukan,in a way it is fun but the weight of unfinish homework is gnawing our minds that this programme become a burden.At night, we thrws off our shoes and put on our thinking head and proceeds our mountaineous home assignments,this is the time where the tension is soo thick that you can cut it using 11 o`clock, we immediately hit the sack..too tired to stay up or wake up..
you see,my life in SESERI is so hectic that by the 2nd week, my friends, not forgetting me, broke down crying our eyes out...but again, we pull friends and I become stronger and tougher, we know all this is for our own good..whenever one of us falter we keep telling ourselves that what did not kill us, makes us a stronger person..
in conclusion, I wish all of this that I went through last year and I will go through this year is worth it..
p/s: clarion to the max!
p/s/s:happy belated birthday syera!