Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 random things bout my friend dayana...

  1. WAS a linkin park fan.
  2. USED to be a slipknot fanatic.
  3. currently 'alice in chains' is her favourite metal band( don't ask!)
  4. the only person I know who knows everything and anything bout metal. literally! ask her anything about some metal bands.
  5. people HATES her guts !!( way to go dan!!)

p.s Dan , this is a tribute to you from me .

p.s.s Dan, if you hate this pic...I don't care .. cos I like it !! ( sorry..being saucy for awhile..hehe)


Friday, January 22, 2010

the ending of my first beginning

My father had once told me that somehow friendships will change, it is either drifting apart or you just have to made a difficult decision that made friendships drift apart...I know that one day this kind of thing will happen between me and my friends, but surely i never thought it will be so happened that Friday morning when the most of my worries are how to get back to my brother for being such prat last night.. as i came out of my reverie i noticed that Dan(shortened for dayana) my dear friend had this sort of glee look in her eyes as if she was holding the biggest secret in the world and she came up to me and said`Anis, guess what? ko dapat asrama seri puteri!!' at that precise moment as if reflex i screamed drawing some attention to some girls whom at first chatting about some boys they are seeing and completely oblivious to the surrounding .
I do not know what i suppose to feel right first when I heard the news I was elated to know out of thousands I was picked!! right's just confusing at how i should feel..

  • a) excited, because the prospect of new environment seems like the right tonic to make your 'feel like this-thing-is-never-gonna-change' mood is gone.

  • b) terrified, at the thought of leaving the your family whom you depends greatly even though they never knew how much, the home cooked meal of your mother or your grandma,the solace you found whenever you alone in your room, you will even miss all the pranks you used to pull on your siblings.

  • c) sad, because remembering at all the jokes you used to share with your friends and knowing it won't ever be the same again.

remembering all this made me think that I sometimes take everything for granted.. never somehow tried to step back a little bit and appreciated what has God given to me. To my friends good luck to you all wherever you are cos I have every bit of faith in you that you are gonna be successful in whatever decision you choose..-ciao-


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


p/s; the pic above is my mst looks so

hey..(awkward silence..)

A bright and sunshiny hello to all fellow bloggers out there (crickets sound) maybe sound stupid but the reason i even create this blog is because a certain someone coughkecikcough sounds sOOO frickinly cool on her frickinly cool blog!! as i was reading her "train of thought" my subconcious mind kept nudging me to post my own thoughts as i am VERY unarticulate(is that even a word?) with my words... sooo instead of embarassing myself by telling people my lame jokes or dumb stories why dont just post it on a blog?? you people can comment and i wont even care!! (phssh..belagak mcm popular sgt org nak comment)..i will try to update my blog with (interesting??)stories as i do befriend so-called-drama queens.....hasta la vista babes....